Season 1 | Season 2

Shock and Pasha are advancing in the criminal hierarchy with ever bigger steps incapital city, and this time they have a new source of income-the kidnapping of the richand political dissidents.


Season 1 | Season 2

Inspector Nikola is investigating a series of brutal murders in a seemingly idyllic small town, while revealing a secret of his own origin.

Block 27

Season 1

When a teenager disappears in the rough blocks of New Belgrade, his twin sister, ignored by the confused parents and the in efficient police, starts a search of her own. Helped by two friends, she uncovers a supernatural mystery behind the disappearance that reaches decades into the past-all the way to the time New Belgrade was built.

Black Wedding

Season 1 | Season 2

While investigating a bloody massacre in a remote village in Eastern Serbia, a Security Intelligence Agency operative Petar finds himself in the centre of an everlasting conflict between the forces of light and darkness.

The Family

Limited Series

“The Family” is the mini-series that follows the last three days before the arrest of the former Serbian and Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic.

Milosevic family and friends, trapped in their villa and with no control over the situation,
start their struggle to overcome the crisis situation.


Complex 1 opening in 2022

Complex ranging from 800 m2 (8.600 ft2) to 2.000 m2 (21.500 ft2), water tank,
4 hectares of backlot, production offices, horse stables.

What We Do

Content Development

We have original script ideas, stories based on true events, book based themes.


Our script writers are both local and foreign


We offer drama series and other genres. Original scripts and scripts based on books


We have the best film and TV experts to train the students who want to be a part of the vibrant international film and TV environment


If you want to become a film and TV crew member and work with the best experts in costume, directing, sets, camera, effects, join the creative crafts department


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We develop winning strategies for acquisition and investment, service development, new market entry, risk management, operational efficiency